Conflicts of Interest Review Committee (CIRC), School of Medicine

Helps to assure compliance with federal regulations and University and sponsoring agency policies and procedures governing financial conflicts of interest related to research.

Committee Members

Robert Gropler, MD – Chair Radiology

Luis Sanchez, MD Vice-Chair Surgery

Maria Baggstrom, MD Internal Medicine- Medical Oncology

Paul Bridgman, PhD Neuroscience

Meghan Campbell, PhD Neurology

Amanda Cashen, MD Executive Chair, IRB/Internal Medicine

Douglas Covey, PhD Developmental Biology

Mario Feldman, PhD Molecular Microbiology

R. Edward Hogan, MD Neurology

Henry Huang, PhD Molecular Microbiology

Shin-Ichiro Imai, PhD Developmental Biology

Daniel Lenihan, MD Internal Medicine- Cardiovascular Division

Harold Li, MD Radiation Oncology-Physics Division

Peter Michelson, MD Pediatrics

D. Michael Nelson, MD, PhD Obstetrics & Gynecology

Rachel Presti, MD Internal Medicine- Infectious Diseases

Tim Schedl, PhD Genetics

Mitchell Scott, PhD Pathology and Immunology

Tiezhi Zhang, PhD Radiation Oncology

Ex-Officio Members

Jennifer Lodge, PhD Vice Chancellor for Research

Jeneane Braden Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Integrity & Ethics

Patricia Hastings, JD Assistant Vice Chancellor Associate General Counsel (Legal Counsel to the CIRC)

Nichole Mercier, PhD Managing Director, Office of Technology Management

Johnnie Cartwright Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research & Chief of Staff

Committee Staff

Alan Fellers Director, COI Program

Jill Thompson Manager, COI Program

Joseph Cammarata Research Compliance Specialist

Hannah Dinkel Research Compliance Specialist

Tim Rubbelke  Research Compliance Specialist

Robert Sanders Senior Compliance Specialist