Committee on Research Integrity, School of Medicine

Evaluates and adjudicates cases of alleged research misconduct against staff, students, trainees, postdoctoral appointees, and/or faculty members with primary appointments in the School of Medicine

Committee Members

Gregory Storch, MD
CRI Chair and Research Integrity Officer

Nancy Bartlett, MD
Department of Medicine
Division of Oncology (Medical Oncology)

Kendall Blumer, PhD
Department of Cell Biology & Physiology

Angela Brown, MD
Department of Medicine

Craig Buchman, MD
Department of Otolaryngology

John Cooper, MD, PhD
Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics

Timothy Miller, MD, PhD
Department of Neurology

Pamela Woodard, MD
Department of Radiology

Ex Officio Member

Amanda Cashen, MD
Executive Chair, Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Legal Counsel to the CRI

Patricia Hastings
Assistant Vice Chancellor & Associate General Counsel

Administrative Support

Jeneane Braden
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Integrity & Ethics

Laura Langton
Manager, Research Compliance & Integrity

Amelia Flood
Senior Research Compliance Specialist