Conflicts of Interest Review Committee, Danforth

Helps to assure compliance with federal regulations and University and sponsoring agency policies and procedures governing financial conflicts of interest related to research

Committee Members

Ian Duncan, PhD – Chair
Arts & Sciences, Biology

Jonathan Green, MD
Executive Chair, Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Dewey Holten, PhD
Arts & Sciences, Chemistry

James G. Miller, PhD
Arts & Sciences, Physics

Jody O’Sullivan, PhD
Engineering, Electrical Engineering

Mitchell Sommers, PhD
Arts & Sciences, Psychology
Chair, Behavioral Subcommittee for IRB

Glenn Stone, PhD
Arts & Sciences, Anthropology

Michael Wysession, PhD
Arts & Sciences, Earts & Planetary Sciences

Ex-Officio Members

Jennifer Lodge, PhD
Vice Chancellor for Research

Patricia Hastings, JD
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Associate General Counsel (Legal Counsel to the DRC)

Nichole Mercier, PhD
Director, Office of Technology Management

Committee Staff

Jeneane Braden
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Integrity & Ethics

Alan Fellers
Manager, COI Program

Denean Marie
Research Compliance Specialist

Jill Thompson
Research Compliance Specialist