Digital Research Materials Repository

WashU Libraries are providing services to curate data and other research outputs (images, field sheets, spreadsheets, protocols, analysis scripts, etc.). Curation includes the management, enhancement and the preservation of the outputs of research conducted at Washington University in St. Louis. Visit the University Libraries website for more information.

Store Data Centrally via WashU Services

WashU RIS Research Data Storage Washington University’s Research Infrastructure Services (RIS) offers research faculty access to 5TB of free networked, high performance research data storage. Additional storage is available for a fee. How to get research data storage from RIS: Complete a request form for a new research data storage allocation (WUSTL Key required). This request form will be processed […]

Research Data Management Policies by Federal Agency

The White House Office of Science and Technology issued a directive in 2013 requiring federally funded scientific research publications and data sets to be made freely available to the public. As a result, many public and private funders also instituted directives on data sharing requirements. Below is a listing of data management policies from many […]