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Washington University is committed to the judicious, humane use of animals in research and education. The Washington University Division of Comparative Medicine (DCM) provides professional and technical service for laboratory animal care, veterinary medical services, and animal research project support for faculty, students and employees of Washington University. In keeping with the Washington University Policy on Animal Care, DCM is committed to ensuring high standards of humane animal care and use necessary to the pursuit and achievement of scientific excellence. 

DCM Responsibilities include:

  • Animal procurement, quarantine and acclimation
  • Daily animal husbandry, animal facility operations, sanitation, maintenance, and vermin control
  • Animal health surveillance and quality assurance programs
  • Preventive medicine, veterinary medical care, and emergency treatment
  • Environmental monitoring programs
  • Environmental enrichment and exercise programs
  • Technical and veterinary support personnel, animal care facilities, and specialized procedure rooms
  • Institutional compliance with animal welfare regulations, standards, and policies
  • Personnel training programs
  • Occupational health and safety programs


  • Main phone number: 314.362.3700


Laboratory Animal Transportation:

Washington University recognizes the vital role laboratory animals have played in research advancements for human and animal health. Domestic and international transport of animals is essential to the ongoing work. Washington University strongly supports research animal transportation which is conducted under strictly supervised conditions in compliance with multiple government regulations and oversight body standards.