Recharge Centers

Set Up an Account

Recharge Centers and Specialized Service Facilities

As documented in the Washington University Recharge Centers Policy document, “All recharge centers will establish separate operating accounts to record revenues and expenses related to the products/services provided.”

RC and SSF accounts are set up in Workday as Internal Service Providers (ISP). Workday provides step-by-step instructions on ISP: Set Up and Maintenance. Below is an outline of the Internal Service Provider (ISP) setup process:

ISP Entity Creation Process

  1. Department to Consult IDC and SPA groups
    • Discussion to determine if it is a generic ISP, Recharge Center, or Program Income
    • Requires formal approval from SPA, IDC, and Workday FIN Core Team.
  2. Department to Fill out FDM Change Form
  3. Workday FIN Core Team – Cost Center Setup
    • Mutually exclusive Business Unit and Cost Center will be created for Recharge Center and Program Income
    • Update subtype to appropriate value
    • Will also need to know the default revenue categories
  4. Customer Accounts – ISP Setup
    • ISP Admin can now be set up
    • Will use unique Cost Center and default revenue categories determined in previous step
    • Will use unique business unit and subtype if necessary
Acronym Key

FDM: Foundation Data Model
IDC: InDirect Cost
ISP: Internal Service Provider
SPA: Sponsored Projects Accounting
Workday FIN Core Team: Workday Finance Core Team

Program Income

“Program Income” is revenue that is directly generated by grant or contract-supported activity or earned as a result of the award. Such income may be generated from internal or external sources. Since this income is project related, the university is required to consistently record, monitor, and report these dollars in a separate account in accordance with funding agency policies.

Determining if revenue earned is strictly due to the existence of the sponsored project award and must therefore be managed as program income:

  • If a core facility is created by a grant award, charges for services/products to users requires that the fee-for-service activity be tracked as program income against the grant which is funding the core facility.
  • If a RC/SSF providing services/products already exists and an award is received to support a portion of the center’s activity, then the fee-for-service income would continue to be recorded as standard RC/SSF recharge activity and would not have to be tracked as program income associated with the newly awarded grant.

When it is determined that revenue earned is strictly due to the existence of the sponsored project award, this revenue and the associated expenses are considered program income and would be managed under two accounts.

Financial Services provides a guide to Program Income Account Set-up.