Award Management

Carryover Guidance for Grantees

Created 09/2008
Revised 12/2017

  • The request must be signed (or transmitted by, if via email) by the authorized
  • The requests must include an appropriate scientific justification:
    • A plan for the use of funds, and
    • A detailed categorical breakdown, including F&A costs, if applicable.
  • The scope of the request should be limited to the approved goals of the project, or clearly delineate where the request exceeds the approved goals of the project.
    • Under NIH policy, the request can only refer to immediate needs in the current year to justify the need for the carryover.
    • It is not acceptable to indicate the funds will be needed for future budget periods.
  • Requests should present the implications for the project if the request is not approved.
  • If the requested funds are available per a currently approved Financial Status Report (FSR), the FSR must be submitted and approved by the NIH Office of Financial Management before NIH can entertain a request for carryover.
  • The request must be reasonable, allowable, and necessary.
  • If the request duplicates funding already provided in the current year support, i.e., overlap, the request cannot be approved.
  • If the request generates a recurring cost need in future years, the request must also detail how the future year costs will be supported in subsequent budget years.