Donate a Body

Please contact the department of Neuroscience at 314-362.3597.

Send Checks or Wire Money to Washington University

Sending Checks If the check is for a grant, please send the check to: Sponsored Projects Accounting, Washington University, CB 1034, 700 Rosedale Ave, St. Louis, MO 63112-1408 If the check is for a gift, please contact Ame Krippner at 314-362-5535 or Wiring Money Wiring Instructions [PDF]

Define Organized Research

Washington University’s definition of organized research can be found on the Space Utilization website.

Charge Radioactive Waste to a Grant

The following statement should be included in your budget justification when you have listed radioactive waste as a direct cost: Washington University charges radioactive waste disposal as a direct cost through the formal operation of a service center. This methodology is consistent with the Washington University CASB Disclosure Statement DS-2.

Charge IRB Fees to a Grant

The Human Research Protection Office (HRPO) IRB Fee Schedule is based on factors including funding source (i.e. federally funded, for-profit, non-profit/private, department/WUSTL Grant) and whether it is multi-site or single-site research. For additional information, visit the IRB Fees section of HRPO’s website.