Veterans Affairs Appointments and MOUs

Table of Contents Overview What is a VA Investigator? A VA Investigator is a faculty member of Washington University (WashU) who also has an appointment at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA). Why does WashU support collaborations with the VA? To help serve Veterans by supporting VA research and education to improve the quality of […]

Data Sharing & Transfer Guidance

Topics Covered by this Guidance Purpose This guidance outlines procedures for sharing both outgoing and incoming data at WashU, including the use of Data Transfer and Use Agreements (DTUAs). “Outgoing data” refers to an investigator sharing locally-created data with an outside party. “Incoming data” refers to an investigator receiving data from an outside party. Both […]

RMS Post Submission Checklist

This Post RMS Submission Checklist is a collection of several tasks to complete in RMS after submitting to a sponsor.

FAQ – Research Data & Materials Policy

Visit the Research Data & Materials Policy to review the full policy. What are the reasons for the policy? The university is committed to high-quality research and academic integrity, which requires that stewardship of research data be handled in a thoughtful manner. Accurate and authenticated data records is critical for supporting and substantiating research findings, […]

Research Data and Materials Policy

Original Effective Date January 10, 2023 Washington University (WashU) deems appropriate stewardship of research data as fundamental to high-quality research and academic integrity. It therefore seeks to attain high standards in the generation, management, retention, preservation, curation, and sharing of research data. Recording and maintaining accurate and appropriate research records is necessary for the following […]

Part 11 Compliance – Electronic Records & Signatures

Part 11 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) contains the Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) rules and regulations pertaining to electronic records and electronic signatures. 21 CFR Part 11 defines the criteria for which systems and processes are trustworthy, secure, and reliable for electronic records and signatures. Below you will find WashU resources on […]