Disclosure of Human Data Policy (School of Medicine)

Sharing human data with third parties for research and technology development has potential to accelerate biomedical research and advance science in support of the missions of Washington University and our affiliated hospital partners, BJC Health Care (BJC) (collectively, the “Institutions”). Data from patients and research participants are used in the hopes of advancing knowledge, improving […]

HRPO Policies, Procedures, & Guidance

HRPO’s Research Toolkit is a central page to access their Research Guide and Washington University IRB Policies, and additional resources. The HRPO Digital Commons hosts educational resources such as publications, presentations, and podcasts related to human subjects research and human research protections. The HRPO Help Services page provides information on contacting HRPO using the SWAT! […]

Placement of Research Study Information & Consents in the Medical Record

This Washington University School of Medicine policy outlines how information from research studies/trails and research consent forms are to be documented in Epic (the electronic patient medical record). WUSM Policy: Placement of Research Study Information & Consents in the Medical Record (PDF)

Research Data/Record Retention Requirements

Record Retention Requirements Research data that are commonly accepted in the scientific community as necessary to validate research findings must be retained by WashU researchers for a minimum period required by applicable laws and regulations, funding agency requirements, or other agreements. The University and the Principal Investigator have rights and responsibilities concerning access to, use […]

Contingent Worker Guidance

Overview The WashU Research Community encompasses a diverse spread of individuals within and outside the University.  A significant number of individuals not employed or holding an appointment at WashU may be involved (directly or indirectly) in research or other WashU activities.  This includes domestic and international research collaborators, visiting researchers and faculty, and students (across […]

Guest WUSTL Key Guidance

In order for Non-WashU personnel to obtain the necessary training and security access, two options are available and primarily depends on the anticipated needs and role with WashU: Contingent Workers: Non-WashU person with direct involvement in WashU research, under an agreement to use WashU space/equipment for non-WashU purposes, or requiring WUSTL key access to a […]

Monitoring Guidance and FAQs

See also: COVID-19 Monitoring Guidance Approved: June 24, 2020Administratively Revised: August 20, 2021 Purpose and Applicability Guidance Centralized Monitoring or Remote Monitoring On-Site Monitoring Monitoring of Multi-Centered PI-Initiated Trials Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Resources I. Purpose and Applicability Monitoring procedures have evolved in recent years due to advancements in technology. Washington University in St. Louis is […]

CIRC Disclosure Review Process

Created 01.15.2020 Introduction The WUSTL Research Conflicts of Interest Policy states “The Conflicts of Interest Review Committee(s) (CIRC) is the designated official(s) responsible for evaluating financial disclosures.” This procedure outlines the process that the CIRC uses to evaluate the disclosures for financial conflicts of interest (FCOI).  Disclosure Review All covered individuals are required to submit […]