Contingent Worker Guidance

Overview The WashU Research Community encompasses a diverse spread of individuals within and outside the University.  A significant number of individuals not employed or holding an appointment at WashU may be involved (directly or indirectly) in research or other WashU activities.  This includes domestic and international research collaborators, visiting researchers and faculty, and students (across […]

Guest WUSTL Key Guidance

In order for Non-WashU personnel to obtain the necessary training and security access, two options are available and primarily depends on the anticipated needs and role with WashU: Contingent Workers: Non-WashU person with direct involvement in WashU research, under an agreement to use WashU space/equipment for non-WashU purposes, or requiring WUSTL key access to a […]


You must use Chrome when accessing SUBS. Other browsers are not supported. System Access To request access, click the button above to login and enter your WUSTL key if prompted. This automatically notifies OSRS that you have requested access. You will receive an email when your security has been assigned. Security access is no longer […]

LAMPS: Lab Animal Management & Protocol System

The first time you enter LAMPS, you must enable pop-ups! Call the IT Help Desk at 314-935-5707 or see this guidance document. Training & Resources eProtocol module Researcher User Manual Pre-filled Procedures by Species Matrix Biological Material by Category Toxic Chemicals by Category View your Approved Protocol Editing Personnel Quick Guide  Translation Resources Reviewer User […]