The goal of the core is to provide primary cells and cultured airway epithelial cell preparations from human, mouse and other species for the study of epithelial cells, lung biology and lung diseases.

Core Description

The airway epithelial cell core provides investigators with primary culture preparations of human and mouse airway epithelial cells. We routinely procure human tissues from lung transplantation donors and explanted lungs and surgical tissues, including those with lung disease such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The core can also culture airway cells obtained by lung and nasal brushing or scraping. In collaboration with core users, Brody Lab members will establish cultures from mice or materials provided by the core users. Core users can be instructed on all methods for culture, manipulation and evaluation of preparations. Lead time of one month should be provided to allow for scheduling and the necessary period for cell growth. IRB permission may be required for some tissues and studies.


Service available to Washington University and other non-profit organizations.

Priority service for Washington University and other non-profit organizations.


  • Primary culture airway epithelial cells from wild type and genetically defined strains of mice
  • Primary culture human airway epithelial cells from normal and diseased subjects
  • Quality control procedures for all cultures
  • Cell lines used in lung biology research
  • Media for primary airway cell culture
  • Training of investigators in culture methods
  • Consultation for analysis of gene expression and cell manipulation


  • Two hepafilter biosafety cabinets for tissue culture
  • Two 37O C, CO2 incubators
  • Nikon Dissecting Microscope
  • Nikon Inverted tissue culture microscope with Hoffman Phase filters camera and fluorescent capabilities
  • Nikon Eclipse Ti inverted phase microscope with phase contrast objectives and high speed video capturing capabilities and customized software (Sisson-Ammons Video Analysis/SAVA) within a temperature controlled environmental chamber


Pricing is subject to core verification

Investigators must provide their own mice for studies if mouse cell culture is desired. Specialized culture materials may be required to be provided by the investigators. Pricing is dependent on current core external support.

Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
The facility is partially supported by the Barnes Jewish Hospital Foundation through the D and H Moog Professorship held by Steven Brody.