The Core provides service, collaboration, training and advice on mass spectrometry-based analysis of biomolecules involved in metabolism, nutrition, pathophysiology, and cell signaling. The Core supports extensive research programs and platforms for complex lipid analyses and other relevant biomolecules in in vitro and in vivo models. All analyses conducted in the Core require a fee-for-service/charge-backs. Core users are encouraged to contact a staff member when composing a research proposal, so that all analytical and personnel fees are included in the budget. Advice on biological sample preparation-analytical methods, and routine mass spectrometry maintenance/service are available.

Core Description

The Biomedical Mass Spectrometry (MS) Resource is an NIH-supported Biotechnology Center.  Faculty directors include Michael Gross, PhD (Danforth-Chemistry Dept), John Turk, MD, PhD (8th Flr SouthWest Tower), Reid Townsend, MD, PhD (Proteomics Core, 7th Flr SouthWest Tower), and Fong-Fu Hsu, PhD (8th Flr SouthWest Tower). Staff Scientists include: Cheryl Frankfater, Henry Rohrs, PhD, Daryl Giblin, PhD, and Don Rempel.  Administrative staff (also JASMS Journal management): Joyce Neff.

Our goals are:
Conduct basic research on the science of ion chemistry and mass spectrometry;  Establish collaborative research projects with basic and applied investigators at Washington University and other Institutions; Provide mass spectrometry-based analytical services; Educate and train students/fellows/junior faculty in the use and applications of mass spectrometry; Disseminate our research findings and inform the community about mass spectrometry.


Service available to All entities, including for-profit organizations.

Priority service for Washington University and other non-profit organizations.

Additional information:

Multidisciplinary translational research core​​


  • Targeted biomolecule identification, characterization and quantitation with stable isotope dilution mass spectrometry. Biomolecules include: complex lipids, fatty acids, amino acids, carbohydrates, peptides, proteins, select drugs and their metabolites, bioactive molecules, nutrition- and diabetes-related molecules.


  • Electrospray-tandem MS by triple quadrupole (ESI-TSQ LC/MS/MS)
  • Capillary gas chromatography-single quadrupole MS and (EI/CI GC/MS)
  • Matrix assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight MS (MALDI/TOF and MALDI TOF/TOF)
  • High resolution Quadrupole-time of flight (ESI QTOF LC/MS) and linear ion trap Orbitrap (ESI LIT LC/FTMS)


Please contact this core directly for pricing information.

Diabetes Research and Training Center (DRTC)
Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS)
Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC)
Mass Spectrometry Research Resource on Danforth Campus (Chemistry Dept) and Proteomics Core Facility (7th Floor SouthWest Tower)