The Computer Support Group provides IT support service to members of the Neuroimage Labs (NIL) and storage services to Radiology imaging departments.

Core Description

CSG provides information technology support for members the Neuroimaging Labs (NIL). The Neuroimaging Laboratories consists of a group of investigators who share equipment and facilities necessary to do modern state-of-the-art neuroimaging research. The Neuroimaging Laboratories data network supports over 500 active devices including MR scanners, data storage systems, workstations, servers, network devices, printers, and other peripherals. Approximately 300 computer systems consisting of Windows servers, UNIX workstations, PC’s, and Macintosh computers comprise over 100 TB of magnetic disk storage. In addition, a highly scalable and redundant ZFS storage system has been implemented for use by all Radiology imaging departments that provides 800TB of working and archive storage for NIL. An digital tape library provides monthly full and daily incremental backups of all non-ZFS storage.  The NIL data network is connected to the Washington University backbone through a 10-gigabit Ethernet connection. Central servers and critical workstations are also connected to the network at gigabit speeds, enabling high-speed data transfers between devices. The network and data are secured by a Cisco firewall services module and a virtual private network (VPN) concentrator. These devices insure that only trusted members of the community are able to access data using methods that are safe, secure and HIPAA compliant. The core network hardware components have built-in redundancy and top-tier maintenance contracts to minimize outages in the event of hardware failure. Costs for the computer support group (CSG) include maintenance contracts on computers and peripherals, supplies for computers and peripherals and salary support for personnel. Investigators who choose to use this facility must participate in its financial support. Participation is voluntary and at the discretion of the individual investigator.


Service available to All entities, including for-profit organizations.

Priority service for No distinctions.

Additional information:

The Computer Support Group provides IT support service to members of the Neuroimage Labs (NIL) and storage services to Radiology imaging departments.​​


  • Desktop computer support
  • Computer server support
  • Email services
  • Data storage
  • Purchasing services
  • Software licensing
  • Printer and peripheral support
  • After-hours support (8 a.m.-11 p.m.)


  • Central data processing servers
  • Email and calendaring servers
  • BlueArc storage system
  • Tape backup system


Pricing is subject to core verification

The total number of full-time employee (FTE) research personnel in the Neuroimaging Laboratories for FY18 was 120. This yields a cost per FTE of $3,600.  The cost per FTE is calculated on an annual basis.