Electron-probe microanalysis performed on a JEOL JXA-8200 electron microprobe. Nondestructive chemical analysis of polished conductive samples including backscattered-electron and secondary-electron imaging, WDS and EDS mapping and quantitative microanalysis. See core website for further details.

Core Description

​Electron-probe microanalysis


Service available to All entities, including for-profit organizations.

Priority service for No distinctions.


  • Electron-probe microanalysis is the quantitative analysis of ~1 um volume in bulk materials for elements B-U at concentrations from 10’s of ppm to 100 wt% with an accuracy of ~ 2% relative. Samples are flat, polished, and conductive or made so by carbon evaporation. Typical materials are minerals, metals, ceramics, and other inorganic compounds. The JEOL JXA-8200 electron microprobe is state of the art, with 5 wavelength-dispersive spectrometers having light element and trace element capabilities, a silicon-drift energy-dispersive spectrometer with high-throughput x-ray mapping and quantitative analysis capabilities, and imaging using backscattered and secondary electrons, x-rays, and cathodoluminescence signals. Analytical capabilities include Probe for EPMA and JEOL operating systems and microanalysis simulation tools. Staff and director have 30+ years experience and significant scientific and leadership experience in EPMA and applications to a wide range of materials.
  • Training is provided incrementally on a as-needed basis, Use of the electron microprobe is on a supervised basis only.


  • JEOL JXA-8200 electron microprobe with 5 wavelength-dispersive spectrometers
  • Silicon-drift energy-dispersive spectrometer
  • Imaging of x-rays, backscattered-electrons, secondary-electrons, and cathodoluminescence


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