The Gnotobiotic Core Facility has been developed to offer Investigators at Washington University access to germ-free mice and the ability to perform experiments associated with manipulation of the microbiota.  The current facility is the first step in the initiation of the Washington University Gnotobiotic Research, Education and Transgenic (GREaT) facility.  The gnotobiotic facility will offer specialized services to the Washington University community.  Experiments will enter a queue on a first-come, first-served basis, with consideration given to ensuring access for many investigators.


Core Description

An estimate for the cost of each individual experiment will be generated and approved by the Investigator prior to commencement of the experiment.  Defined fees for individual experimental services are consistent for all users, and services provided will be billed on a monthly basis. Emerging technical services not currently included will be added as they are validated and made available to the Wash U community.  Per diems are included in the experimental fee.  Individual investigators will not be permitted to establish a permanent footprint within the current facility, and thus all experiments must have a clearly defined end-point.


Service available to Washington University only.

Priority service for Washington University only.


  • Purchase of germ-free mice
  • Experiments requiring special feed or water
  • Colonization of mice with specific microbiota or microbes
  • Coordination of submission of microbiota samples for commercial analysis
  • Infection of germ-free or colonized mice with ABSL2 agents
  • Germ-free rederivation of experimental groups of genetically-modified mice


  • N/A


Please contact this core directly for pricing information.