The Washington University High Resolution NMR Facility was founded in 1985 as a shared resource to serve the University and greater St Louis research community. Today the Facility a) has a variety of modern NMR instruments with field strength from 7.05-14.1 T, b) has experienced staff that are available for user education as well as collaborative research and c) serves approximately different 45 PI yearly.

Core Description

The Washington University High Resolution NMR Facility was founded in 1985 through monies form the school of Arts and Sciences, Internal Medicine and Monsanto Company. The Facility is currently housed in two locations on the Danforth campus in the department of chemistry and a site at the School of Medicine campus. The NMR facility is available to the entire University and greater St Louis area research community. The resource is available 24 hours everyday year round. All users are charged for use of the Facility. Cost recovery helps to fund salaries and operation expenses. It is common for the NMR Facility to provide research support to roughly 45 different PI-led groups yearly spanning a broad range of disciplines (chemistry, biology, biochemistry, engineering and medicine). The resource currently houses 5 instruments. Efforts are made to continuously modernize the research Facility through extramural shared-instrument grants, gifts and matching support form Arts and Sciences or the School of Medicine. The NMR Facility also provides support for five undergraduate chemistry curriculum courses.


Service available to All entities, including for-profit organizations.

Priority service for No distinctions.

Additional information:

For access ​contact Jeff Kao 314-935-6833,


  • Access to high resolution NMR instrumentation at field strengths from 7.05 to 14.1 T
  • User training in use of instrumentation
  • Interpretation of spectra
  • Collaborative research support
  • Advice in all aspects of high resolution NMR methods
  • Laboratory support for applications in Undergraduate courses


  • Agilent Mercury+ 300
  • Agilent Inova 300
  • Agilent Direct Drive 400
  • Agilent DD2 500
  • Agilent DD2 600


Pricing is subject to core verification

Category Usage Current Rate
Spectrometer Time
User does own work > 300 hrs contiguous per month $8 /hr
100-229 hrs per month $10 /hr
70-99 hrs per month $15 /hr
60-69 hrs per month $16 /hr
50-59 hrs per month $17 /hr
40-49 hrs per month $18 /hr
30-39 hrs per month $19 /hr
< 30 hrs per month $20 /hr
Facility performs service non-collaborative $45/hr
collaborative $20 /hr
Computer Workstations CPU interactive $10 /hr