The Humanities Digital Workshop is a support service for developing long-term faculty digital projects in Arts & Sciences.

Core Description

The HDW is part of the infrastructure at Washington University for digital scholarship in the humanities — what’s often termed the digital humanities or humanities computing — that includes Olin Library’s Digital Library Services, GIS@Wustl, the Center for Empirical Research in the Law, and the American Culture Studies program. The HDW promotes the university’s activities in both of its basic vectors: in research, by facilitating projects that require or benefit from data collection and analysis, or electronic publication; in teaching, by bringing students into the research process in concrete ways that can be rare in the humanities. (It’s one of the happy facts about digital projects that they’re often intensely collaborative.)


Service available to Washington University and other non-profit organizations.

Priority service for Specific groups, centers or departments – see Additional Information for details.

Additional information:

Priority access for humanities faculty in Arts & Sciences.


  • Humanities text and data analysis
  • Digital project planning and consultation
  • Humanities data cleanup and analysis
  • Guidance in learning digital skills
  • TEI (Text Encoding Initiative)
  • Database preparation
  • Topic modeling
  • Programming
  • Web design


  • Web server


Pricing is subject to core verification