The Metabolomics Facility is a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) certified laboratory that occupies 1500 square foot on the 10th floor of the BJCIH Building in the center of the Washington University School of Medicine campus. The facility uses liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry-based methods to identify small molecule biomarkers for human diseases and to develop clinical assays for diagnosis and assessment of treatment efficacy. The high-throughput methods developed by the facility have been used to support large clinical studies. The Metabolomics Facility also offers outstanding expertise in mass spectrometry to all investigators in support the basic and clinical researches through hourly fees for instrument and personnel time. A listing of major services performed by the Facility is available at, which is expanded upon requests from investigators.

Core Description

The mission of the Metabolomics Facility is to use mass spectrometry-based approaches to understand the metabolism of small molecules in diseases and to translate the basic research to the patient’s bedside. The major researches at Metabolomics Facility focus on biomarker discovery using metabolomics-based approaches and development of mass spectrometry-based clinical laboratory tests for lysosomal storage diseases. We also strive to provide high quality and affordable customized analytical services to fit our clients’ needs on a recharge basis. Services include both targeted assays for many metabolite classes as well as untargeted assays to evaluate the entire metabolome in biological samples. The workflow comprises initial consultation, method development, data collection, and report.


Service available to All entities, including for-profit organizations.

Priority service for All entities, including for-profit organizations.


  • Metabolomic analysis of biological specimens
  • Lipidomic analysis of biological specimens
  • Assay development for specific metabolites
  • Drug analysis for pharmacokinetics studies


  • Thermo Orbitrap Exploris-120 mass spectrometer coupled with a Shimadzu LC-20AD HPLC system
  • AB Sciex API 4000 mass spectrometer coupled with a Shimadzu LC-20AD HPLC system
  • AB Sciex 4000Qtrap mass spectrometer coupled with a Shimadzu LC-20AD HPLC system
  • AB Sciex 6500QTRAP mass spectrometer coupled with a Shimadzu LC-20AD HPLC system


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