The Molecular Imaging Center (Optical Imaging Core) provides access to state-of-the-art optical imaging instruments for conducting studies ranging from live cells to in vivo animals. A highly successful team of NIH funded researchers, scientists and technicians under the leadership of Dr. Monica Shokeen is available to discuss and provide support in conducting molecular imaging studies.

Our priority is to provide support to NIH funded researchers making important contributions to cancer research. The Molecular Imaging Center (Optical Imaging Core) is available to the Washington University community, as well as other institutions and private partners.

Our imaging resources include:

  • In-vivo and ex-vivo small animal and live cell fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging systems
  • Optical 2D planar, 3D tomographic, optoacoustic, and Xray/CT imaging resources.

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Core Description

We strive to provide high quality support for expediting molecular imaging studies and research.

In Vivo Animal Imaging 

Faculty: Dr. Monica Shokeen (Director), Dr. Rui Tang

This core includes:

  • PerkinElmer IVIS 50 In Vivo Imaging System for 2D bioluminescence imaging (BLI)
  • IVIS SpectrumCT bioluminescence, fluorescence, and CT imaging system for 2D and 3D applications
  • LiCor Pearl Trilogy for near-infrared fluorescence imaging
  • iThera MSOT system for multi-wavelength optoacoustic imaging
  • Bruker Multispectral FX Pro fluorescence imaging  system with X-ray source and RAD PADD radiographic imaging module


Service available to All entities, including for-profit organizations.

Priority service for Specific groups, centers or departments – see Additional Information for details.

Additional information:

Siteman Cancer Center : Members receive subsidized rates.  

The Molecular Imaging Center is a fee based core facility. Consultation with the MIC management is required before using this facility.  All users must clarify with their laboratory PI regarding the User Fees prior to commencing studies in the facility. To discuss a project or obtain additional information, please email Julie Prior at

Funding for projects in the MIC may be available through the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology (Department of Radiology).  Please see the MIR Core Resources Pilot Funds page.


  • Small animal fluorescence imaging using the IVIS SpectrumCT, Pearl and Bruker systems
  • Small animal bioluminescence imaging (BLI) with IVIS imaging systems
  • Small animal multispectral optoacoustic tomographic imaging with MSOT system
  • Bioluminescence and fluorescence measurement of live cells in well plates
  • Technical support for small animal imaging studies
  • Technical support for analysis of imaging data


  • PerkinElmer IVIS SpectrumCT for In Vivo 2D/3D bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging
  • Xenogen/Caliper/PerkinElmer IVIS 50 - In Vivo Bioluminescence Imaging System (BLI)
  • LiCor Pearl Trilogy for near-infrared fluorescence imaging
  • iThera MSOT system for multi-wavelength optoacoustic imaging
  • Bruker Multispectral FX Pro system for multi-modal imaging


Please contact this core directly for pricing information.

Molecular Imaging Center
Siteman Cancer Center (SCC)