Controlled Substances

Determine Who Needs a Background Check

A background check is needed if

  • The individual is engaged in the research conducted in the PI’s lab and has access to controlled substances, he or she much obtain an approved DEA background check (including trainees/graduate students)
  • The individual has primary responsibility for the research project and supervisory responsibility for overseeing the safety and security of all research materials (Including PIs that don’t use the controlled substances)

A background check is not needed if

  • You have already been through a background check for your clinical registration. However, please submit the Human Resources (HR) background check form and indicate that you have a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) clinical registration so that we have a record that you will be obtaining an individual research registration or obtaining controlled substances from the Division of Comparative Medicine (DCM) or Danforth Animal Facility (DAF) stockrooms. HR will notify the DEA that you have a clinical DEA registration. Once the DEA acknowledges this notification, you will be able to obtain controlled substances.

See Background Check Procedures for how to request a background check.