Internal Selections

Federal Limited Submission Programs

Research center and institutional proposals present unique challenges for researchers. The Vice Chancellor for Research and Deans work together to recruit and encourage appropriate faculty members long before the program deadline is announced, recognizing that successful center proposals take many months or longer to prepare.

NSF Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Program Review Process

A standing Internal Selections Committee for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Program, convened by the Vice Chancellor for Research, adjudicates federal program limited submission competitions. The base membership is comprised of nine faculty members, all serving three‐year terms, with the goal of at least five reviewers for any single competition.

All committee members are chosen based on their disciplinary expertise as well as their experience as previous NSF MRI awardees.

Additional reviewers in certain disciplinary areas may be solicited ad-hoc should the need arise. The VCR or designee chairs the group.

Committee Base Membership for NSF MRI

  • Patrick Crowley (NSF MRI Recipient 2005 (Co-PI) and 2012 (PI); Department of Computer Science and Engineering)
  • Sophia Hayes (NSF MRI Recipient 2009 (PI), 2012 (PI) and 2014 (co-PI); Department of Chemistry)
  • Brad Jolliff (Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences)
  • Phil Osdoby (Department of Biology)
  • Lan Yang (Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering)


NSF MRI Timeline and Review Criteria

The deadline for proposals to the NSF MRI program are in January, annually. Considering this submission deadline, the annual internal selections deadline is in the fall each year.

Review Criteria

The internal review committee is asked to utilize the NSF’s review criteria in the selection of proposals with the greatest chance of success in the external competition. To that end, the committee will be asked to review the NSF MRI solicitation and evaluate all proposals against the NSF’s stated criteria.

Applicant Note

For previously submitted NSF MRI applications that were not funded in prior years, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit the NSF reviews with their internal proposals. Applicants should address the reviewer comments in their application materials.

Other Federal Limited Submission Programs

The Vice Chancellor for Research will convene ad-hoc review committees for all other limited submission grant programs offered by the federal government.

Open Q&A Sessions

Open question and answer sessions are held periodically for selected grant programs. For example, a session is held in the Spring for the NSF MRI Program. Led by previous award recipients, the sessions are intended to help prospective applicants understand the goals of the award programs and how to prepare an internal application. The sessions provide an opportunity for investigators to ask questions and learn from those who have been successful.​​​​​