Research Data

Store Data Centrally via WashU Services

WashU RIS Research Data Storage

Washington University’s Research Infrastructure Services (RIS) offers research faculty access to 5TB of free networked, high performance research data storage. Additional storage is available for a fee.

How to get research data storage from RIS:

  1. Complete a request form for a new research data storage allocation (WUSTL Key required). This request form will be processed by RIS.
  2. Once your application is approved, RIS will email you with step-by-step instructions on how to set up your research data storage account.


Unlimited file storage for all faculty, students and staff. Visit WUSTL Box for information on accessing this storage tool.

Compare Washington University Research Data Storage Services

RIS Research Data Storage WUSTL Box
Storage Tiers Active and Archive None
Max Capacity Unlimited (5TB free) Unlimited
Max File Size 8PB 15GB
Network Connectivity 40Gb low latency, high bandwidth research network 10Gb high latency commodity network
Protocol Support SMB (NFS, HTTPS, Object coming soon) HTTPS
Web UI No (coming early 2019) Yes
REST UI No (coming early 2019) Yes
Yes No
Customized Solutions Yes No
Universal URI Yes No
Local Support Staff Yes No
Service Integration Compute, Data Transfer (coming early 2019) No
Backup Frequency Daily Daily
Security ePHI, protected, or confidential data
(Not approved for ITAR, FISMA, or PCI data)
ePHI, protected, or confidential data
(Not approved for ITAR, FISMA, or PCI data)
Cost 5TB of Active Tier Free
Per TB consumption, subscription, or buy-in cost model

Additional data storage options can be found on Information Security’s website.