Responsible Conduct of Research

Submit Continuing RCR Education Attendance Records for NSF COMPETES

Individual learners should NOT submit personal training records via the method below. This method is for group trainings with a school, department, or program. If you attended a training outside of your department/non-WashU training, then you should submit your training completion to a research administrator in your department.

Continuing Education Submission

Schools, departments, and programs in receipt of NSF funds must:

1. Collect documentation and maintain records of educational content and proof of attendance for each session attended by a qualifying individual.

2. Submit attendance records within 30 days of each session.

Submitting Attendance Records

To submit attendance records, access theĀ RCR Continuing Education Submission Form. A separate form must be submitted for each event orĀ session.

Retaining Documentation for Continuing RCR Education

Schools, departments, and programs that administer NSF projects must maintain a filing system that tracks completion of RCR Continuing Education requirements. Files should include:

Documentation of Educational Content. For of each education session utilized to fulfill the requirement, the administrating school, department, or program should retain copies of items that reflect the content of the session. These items may include but are not limited to: event agendas, copies of the presentation slides, other handouts provided at the event, etc.

Verification of Completion. For each individual submitted as attending an educational session, the administrating school, department, or program should retain verification of attendance. Documents that verify attendance include event sign-in sheets, completion certificates, email certification from the instructor, etc.

Documentation may be organized by individual or event. Files should be easily accessible and are subject to review upon request.

For questions regarding this process, please email