Navigate Federal Contracts at the Post-Award State

Financial ​All federal contracts are set up in Sponsored Project Accounting (SPA) funds and follow normal post-award processing through OSRS/SPA. Federal F&A rates will apply. Contracting Officer’s Authorizations (COAs) After a federal contract is fully executed, there may be a need to request permission from the federal Contract Officer for certain activities. Requirements for prior […]

Navigate Federal Contracts at the Award State

General Award Process Overview FAR Contracts always require at least some negotiation before an award can be accepted by the University. JROC will perform a comprehensive review of the award, including the terms and conditions incorporated by reference to specific FAR clauses. Unlike a grant which is often complete upon receipt, the time it takes […]

Navigate Federal Contracts at the Pre-Award State

General Proposal Process Overview All proposals submitted to external funding agencies for sponsored research projects by University personnel must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Sponsored Research Services (OSRS). To assist in this process, the Joint Research Office for Contracts (JROC) is responsible for reviewing the terms that are contained in a solicitation for […]

Identify a Federal Contract

What is a Federal Contract? A federal contract is a mechanism through which the federal government can fund research and development projects, as well as service and procurement actions. Federal contracts require a high degree of oversight, frequent reporting, specific deliverables, and strict adherence to their terms and conditions, which include clauses from the Federal Acquisition […]