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Annual Report— FY2016
The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research is pleased to provide the Washington University FY16 Annual Research Report. To provide broad access to information and support WUSTL sustainability efforts, this year’s report is entirely electronic. This Annual Report presents research data in charts and tables that are rich in detail and information; and research vignettes that highlight some exciting research studies and discoveries. The report also provides examples of technology innovations yielding revolutionary medical diagnostics and treatments, new computer applications, exciting discoveries in energy, among innumerable accomplishments. Commercialization of such research provides meaningful and important benefits to people worldwide.

Washington University’s research enterprise continues as one of the country’s largest, most creative, and most productive life sciences endeavors, driven by faculty who are among the world’s best and most envied.​​
FY2016 [PDF Version​​​​]

View the latest figures and tables on WUSTL expenditures, awards, clinical trials,
technology transfer, and intellectual property.

Read about the application and successes attributed to WUSTL research.


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