IACUC Metrics

Fiscal Year 2021 IACUC Office Metrics

Total number of approved protocols = 710
Total number of unique PIs = 460
Total number of inspections (facility and lab) = 3,443

Chart displaying Protocols by PI and Year.

Total number of submissions processed = 2,053
Total number of submissions approved = 1, 978 (1,715 amendments; 263 protocols)

Time to Approval

All protocols = 44 days
All amendments = 11 days

Amendment Breakdown by Review Process

Administrative = 1.5 days
Veterinary Verification and Consultation (VVC) = 3.7 days
Designated member review/Full committee review = 32 days

Chart showing Amendments, Administrative, VCC, and DMR/FCR submissions, the quantity of submissions and the time in days to approval.
Bars represent the number of submissions processed. The lines represent the number of days from submission to approval.