IACUC Brown Bag and Newsletter Archive

The IACUC provides regular outreach to keep Washington University researchers connected to policy updates, facility information, and topics of interest to the animal research community. Brown Bag seminars and past newsletters have been posted for review.

Brown Bag Seminars

“State of the Union: IACUC Program and Compliance Review” 12.19.23 (WUSTL Key required)
This session explores various aspects related to the Fiscal Year 2023 metrics and compliance data associated with the animal research program at Washington University. Presented by Dr. Meredith Moore PhD, Director Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

“Biosecurity” 10.31.2023(WUSTL Key required)
The panel will discuss how biosecurity is maintained in the animal housing facilities and ways researchers and staff can contribute. Panel Presenters: Dr. Todd Pavek, DVM, Division of Comparative Medicine, Director of Large Animal Health Services; Dr. Susan Cook, PhD, CBSP, SM(NRCM), Environmental Health and Safety, Director of Biological Safety; Dr. Stephen Liang, MD, MPHS, Associate Professor of Medicine, Office of Occupational Health and Safety Director.

“Department of Defense (DOD) Funding Extras” 7.25.2023 (WUSTL Key required)
This session will provide a comprehensive look at what additional responsibilities are associated with DOD funded animal research. Dr. Moore will discuss additional reviews, site visit requirements, what is an ACURO, and much more.

“What’s New Pussycat? The Annual IACUC Policy Update Review” 3.14.2023 (WUSTL Key required)
This session will provide an in-depth look at the IACUC policy changes from the past year. Each recent policy review and changes will be highlighted. Presented by Meredith Moore, PhD, Director Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

“Fiscal Year 2022 IACUC Scorecard” 12.19.2022 (WUSTL Key required) 
This session explores various aspects related to the Fiscal Year 2022 metrics and compliance data associated with the animal research program at Washington University. Presented by Dr. Meredith Moore PhD, Director Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

“Key Ways to Improve Experimental Design” 10.26.22 (WUSTL Key required) 
This session will delve into strategies to approach experimental design and improve your IACUC protocol numbers justification. Presented by Esther Pearl, PhD, Program Manager of Experimental Design at the National Centre for Replacement, Refinement, and Reduction of Animals in Research.

“Rodent Breeding Strategies” 6.1.22 (WUSTL Key required)
A presentation on breeding and colony management strategies that will help maximize rodent breeding efficiency. Presented by Dr. Kristin Zabrecky, DVM, MS, DACLAM, Mia Wallace, and Mary Beth Finn.

“Compassion Fatigue” 2.17.22 (WUSTL Key required)
This presentation explores various aspects related to the emotional and mental stresses associated with animal research and provides resources and strategies to support mental health. Presented by special guest Julie Squires.

“Why Does My Protocol Take So Long to Be Approved?” (PDF Slides)
This talk describes the processes the IACUC uses to review various submission types and offers tips to expedite protocol approval.

Newsletter Archive

December 2023- Newsletter Issue 15
Feature articles: Naughty and Nice List, Use Locations, New Rodent Anesthesia and Surgery Module, MTA Requirements for Import/Export of Animals, New Vet Dan Domer, Xylazine Dilution Guidance, DCM Holiday Delivery Schedule

October 2023- Newsletter Issue 14
Feature articles: Biosecurity in Animal Facility, Brown Bag Panel Biosecurity, Policy Corner, Neuroscience Research Building, Authorized Animal Facility Personnel, DCM PPE changes, Meet Bridget Clancy, in memoriam Barbara Turner

June 2023- Newsletter Issue 13
Feature articles: New Mice and Rats L@W Training Module, Policy Corner, DOD Funding Brown Bag, IACUC Staff Updates, Attending Veterinarian Update, DCM Facility Biosecurity, Green Card Guidance, DCM Star Employees

February 2023 – Newsletter Issue 12
Feature Articles: Policy Changes, Waste Anesthetic Gas, Rodent Health Monitoring Program, Meet Michael Pryor

December 2022 – Newsletter Issue 11
Feature articles: IACUC Scorecard, Analgesic Changes, Protocol Renewal Animal Number Considerations, IACUC Staff Updates, Looking out for Rodent Pups, Mary Kay Taylor Feature 

September 2022 – Newsletter Issue 10
Feature articles: Protocol Numbers Justification, New Covered Species Training, NAIR use, Animal Procurement Support

May 2022 – Newsletter Issue 9
Feature articles: Rodent Breeding Strategies, IACUC archives, DCM presents webinars

February 2022 – Newsletter Issue 8
Feature articles: Compassion Fatigue, Ear Punch Genotyping, DCM Diagnostics lab

November 2021 – Newsletter Issue 7
Feature articles: More Prefilled Procedures, Know your Green Card, Meet Todd Pavek

August 2021 – Newsletter Issue 6
Feature articles: AAALAC Accreditation, Waste Gas Safety course, Meet the New Veterinarians

April 2021 – Newsletter Issue 5
Feature articles: AAALAC Prep, LARS Animal Procurement, Red Hazard Card update

December 2020 – Newsletter Issue 4
Feature articles: Translations, Reducing Non-Compliance, New DCM trainer

January 2020 – Newsletter Issue 2
Feature articles: LAMPS and Translation, DCM Survey Results, Proper Ear tagging

September 2019 – Newsletter Issue 1
Feature articles: Introducing LAMPS, DCM News updates