New IRB Fee Schedule

Published January 10, 2020 A new Washington University Fee Schedule for the use of services provided by the WU IRB and Human Research Protection Office has been posted. The information can be found on the HRPO website. Primary changes: The fee for the use of a commercial IRB in for-profit funded studies will change from […]

NSF Announces Revised Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide

Published January 2, 2020 The National Science Foundation issued the following update: The National Science Foundation is currently working to finalize a revised Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG) for use in 2020. We anticipate that the revised PAPPG will be released in the coming months and, as is standard practice, will be […]

Revised NIH Grants Policy Statement

Published December 30, 2019 The National Institutes of Health (NIH) released an updated version of their Grants Policy Statement (GPS) via NIH Guide Notice NOT-OD-20-043. The revised GPS (dated 10/2019) applies to all NIH grants and cooperative agreements with budget periods beginning on or after October 1, 2019. This new GPS supersedes, in its entirety, […]

Velders Named HRPO Executive Director

Published on October 28, 2019 Dear Colleagues, We are delighted to announce that Jeanne Velders has accepted the position of IRB Executive Director of the Human Research Protection Office (HRPO) at Washington University. Jeanne has been serving as the Interim Executive Director for HRPO following Martha Jones’ departure this past July. In her new role, […]

Changes to NIH Requirements Regarding Proposed Human Fetal Tissue (HFT) Research

Published September 19, 2019 HFT is defined as research involving the study, analysis, or use of primary HFT, cells, and derivatives, and human fetal primary cell cultures obtained from elective abortions and includes the following: human fetal primary or secondary cell cultures, whether derived by the investigator or obtained from a vendor. animal models incorporating […]

Faculty Fellow in International Research

Published September 3, 2019 Dear Colleagues, I am pleased to announce that Dr. Cindy Brantmeier has been selected to serve as the first Faculty Fellow in International Research for the School of Medicine and Danforth Campus. The Faculty Fellow in International Research will advise faculty on conducting international research and achieving effective collaborations with international […]

Reporting International Relationships and Activities to Funding Agencies

Published 8/21/2019 U.S. Government funding agencies are continuing to raise concerns around the reporting of international activities, such as academic appointments, research relationships, and other support. The Reporting International Relationships website outlines best practices for the reporting of these relationships to federal sponsors that I recommend you follow as this area continues to evolve. This […]

LAMPS eProtocol is Now Live

Published 7/29/2019 The eProtocol module of LAMPS is live! With any new system, there will be a stabilization period as we settle in and get used to the new system. We are committed to easing the transition as much as possible. If you need assistance, please call the IACUC Office at 314-362-3229. Login to the […]

Rebudgeting for F&A Rate Change

Published July 26, 2019 Sponsored Project Accounting (SPA) has compiled a list of funds affected by the overhead rate change from 55.5% to 57% as of 7/1/19. Now that FY19 is closed, departments with funds on this list need to review the budget summary as of June FY19 to determine how much directs you may […]

Researcher ID Requirement – ORCID ID

Published July 23, 2019 On July 10, 2019, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ), and the Centers for Disease Control​ & Prevention (CDC) announced the requirement for ORCID iDs for Individuals Supported by Research Training, Fellowship, Research Education, and Career Development Awards Beginning in Federal FY 2020. Effective […]