Guide to Developing an RCR Plan

For Institutional Training and Career Development Programs such as T32, T34, T90/R90, TL1, K12, K30 Download the RCR Plan Worksheet (PDF). Purpose This RCR Plan Worksheet is meant as a guide to help Washington University investigators develop appropriate RCR education plans in compliance with current NIH requirements. Individual Principal Investigators are responsible for developing, implementing, monitoring, and […]

Develop RCR Programming

There are many resources available to help in developing RCR educational programming. Below are internal resources and resources recommended by funding agency. For general resources, visit Resources on the Web. National Institutes of Health (NIH) Beginning January 25, 2010, the NIH requires RCR education plans to be submitted with all new and renewal applications for NIH-funded programs supporting […]

Continuing RCR Education Requirement

Created 01/04/2009 Revised 05/10/2010 The WUSTL NSF COMPETES Compliance Plan requires that all ALL qualifying individuals EXCEPT undergraduate students paid from the NSF project for less than three (3) consecutive months meet the continuing education requirement of at least one face-to-face education session each fiscal year. It is the responsibility of schools, departments, and programs in […]


Created 01/04/2009Revised 07/31/2023 These procedures provide additional administrative guidance to assure compliance with The Washington University NSF COMPETES Compliance Plan. The effectiveness and appropriateness of these procedures will be evaluated regularly and will be improved, expanded, or modified as needed. All updates will be communicated to the Washington University research community via Research News. Requirements See the […]

CRC Orientation Checklist

Clinical Research Coordinator Orientation, Training and Competency Checklist ONE is a consolidated online resource that provides Washington University faculty and staff access to the numerous resources, tools, forms and applications necessary to propose, perform, manage and close research projects. Access to information behind ONE login varies by user security and will require a WUSTL Key. Bookmark […]