Systems and Tools

Billing Matrix

Purpose of the Billing Matrix

The Matrix was developed as a tool to identify clinical study participants and to serve as a potential roadmap to direct clinical trial billing activities. Charges for studies must either be directed to the participant’s insurance company as a Standard of Care (SOC) or routine charge, or to the Principal Investigator/Sponsor as an Investigational (INV) charge. The Matrix will show the timeline of the study, and what procedures are SOC or INV is indicated. When reviewed, in conjunction with other clinical research billing documents and tools, the Matrix can direct billing procedures within a study to the correct entities.

Responsibilities to the Matrix

Your responsibility is to enroll participants of a study into the “Enroll a Patient” section of the Matrix. We require the last name, first name, DOB, and date of consent to enroll each participant. Please follow-up by adding the participant’s address, date of first clinical service, gender, race, ethnicity, and last 4 digits of SS# which are not required for enrollment, but desired for billing clarification issues. When the patient has completed their participation, we ask that you return to the enrollment section of the Matrix and enter the participants ‘end date’ (last date of participation in the study), and the reason— completed, screen failed, or dropped. This will stop the hold on bills for that participant.

I don’t want to do this; do I have to enroll people into the Matrix?

For studies that are deemed to have high billing risk, this is a mandatory requirement from the Washington University School of Medicine administration.


Why is the Matrix not listed in the Informed Consent?

The Matrix is covered under the blanket permission for confidentiality exception, which can be found in the “How will you keep my information confidential?”  section of every Informed Consent. This section describes who would have access to this information in the bullet “Hospital or University representatives, to complete Hospital or University responsibilities.” The Billing Matrix falls under this category.