Human Subjects Research

Billing Matrix

Purpose of the Billing Matrix

The Matrix was developed as a tool to identify clinical study participants and to serve as a potential roadmap to direct clinical trial billing activities. Charges for studies must either be directed to the participant’s insurance company as a Standard of Care (SOC) or routine charge, or to the Principal Investigator/Sponsor as an Investigational (INV) charge. The Matrix will show the timeline of the study and the procedures that will occur and how the charge for the services should be billed. When reviewed in conjunction with other clinical research billing documents and tools, the Matrix can direct billing procedures within a study to the correct entities.

The Billing Matrix will be phased out over time as new studies are entered into OnCore and the Coverage Analysis and Billing Grid are completed in that system. Most studies beginning in August 2020 will be in OnCore.

Responsibilities to the Matrix

Your responsibility is to either associate participants to a study in Epic or in OnCore. Both of these systems will update the Billing Matrix Enrollment/Participant section which is sent to BJC Research Billing Compliance in a nightly file.


For questions contact the Clinical Research Billing Support Team.