Informatics Core Services (ICS) offers services and software tools to facilitate biomedical research. These tools allow investigators to store, integrate, query, analyze, and visualize complex clinical and molecular data sets. ICS provides comprehensive training resources and facilitates collaborative studies for the identification of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers and the subsequent development of personalized therapies. ICS focuses on biomedical informatics as an academic discipline and as a facilitator of a broad range of research projects and their application to evidence-based changes in the treatment and management of patients.

Core Description

Fueled through research, innovation, education, and service, the goal of ICS is to build a Digital Research Enterprise, using the principle of sound data science approaches, which would 1) incorporate a robust infrastructure that integrates diverse data, facilitates the interoperability of digital assets, and allows for the use and reuse of digital assets; as well as 2) allow us to support stakeholders through developing informatics competencies, training and innovative use of informatics technology, accommodating such activities as research networking and multi-site clinical trials. ICS Goals:

  • To advance integration of diverse clinical, health, and research data, such as the use and reuse of digital research assets.
  • To facilitate innovative use of informatics technology to support multi-site clinical trials, research networking, and management of clinical research data.
  • To provide support and develop competencies and training for WUSTL researchers and their collaborators across the CTSA network.

Services Description ICS offers a large variety of advanced technologies and services for working with biomedical data. ICS provides services and tools to WU researchers and their collaborators across the world, with priority given to WU ICTS and SCC members. ICS services are also available to for-profit organizations on a chargeback basis.


Service available to All entities, including for-profit organizations.

Priority service for Specific groups, centers or departments – see Additional Information for details.

Additional information:

Priority is given to Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences, Siteman Cancer Center, and Washington University Kennedy Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Research Center members.


  • Acquiring EHR Data
  • EHR Data Mining
  • Genomic Data Analysis
  • REDCap (Clinical Study Data Management Self-Service Tool)
  • MDClone (Synthetic Data Platform)
  • CADR (Center for Administrative Data Research) Data Sources
  • Research Data Core Services
  • TriNetX (EHR-based Patient Cohort Searches)
  • Custom Projects


  • ICS offers convenience, state of the art infrastructure and security with all its services.
  • ICS hosts several web-based informatics tools, including but not limited to REDCap, MDClone, and TriNetX.
  • Server filesystem, database, and workstation backups are handled directly by ICS’s systems and database administrators
  • ICS’ LAN is secured within the Washington University Clinical Operations Network (WUCON), a hardware-based, redundant firewalled network with failover capability. I2’s LAN operates at gigabit speeds
  • Network security is enforced by WUIT, which oversees over 12,000+ users, 17,000+ end points, petabytes of data, and over 1,000 servers.


Please contact this core directly for pricing information.

Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS)
Siteman Cancer Center (SCC)
Washington University Kennedy Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (WUIDDRC)
Health Systems Innovation Lab (WUSM/BJC)