Conflicts of InterestHuman Subjects Research

Guest WUSTL Key Guidance

In order for Non-WashU personnel to obtain the necessary training and security access, two options are available and primarily depends on the anticipated needs and role with WashU:

  1. Contingent Workers: Non-WashU person with direct involvement in WashU research, under an agreement to use WashU space/equipment for non-WashU purposes, or requiring WUSTL key access to a number of WashU systems. This individual will have ongoing sustentative interaction with WashU for more than two (2) days.
  2. Guest WUSTL Key: Option for obtaining a temporary WUSTL Key to complete a one-time training through Learn@Work, and for which having a Contingent Worker profile in Workday is not necessary. 
    Examples of this include BJC employees needing WashU human subjects or Good Clinical Practice training, or Research Monitors who need to complete HIPAA training.  

Download the full Contingent Worker and Guest ID Guidance for Workday via Box (WUSTL Key required).