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Just-In-Time (JIT) via eRACommons Procedure

Created 08/2006
Revised 11/2015

Only After JIT request is received (via email, letter or telephone call) from NIH:
Generally, a JIT requests asks for the information found at:

Principal Investigator (or PI’s designee) will:

  • Log on to eRACommons at
  • Click on the “Status” at the top and select “Just In Time” on the left
  • Search by Grant number, PI name etc.
  • Click on the “JIT” link under the “Action” column
  • Import or enter the required information:
    • Import in PDF the Other Support information
    • Enter IACUC approval date, if applicable
    • Enter IRB approval date, if applicable
      • Note: option to enter approval dates is only available when animals and/or humans are being used
    • Upload Human Subjects Education Letter, if applicable
  • Press the SAVE button
  • Click “View Just In Time Report” to make sure everything looks as intended
  • The Department Administrator should review for accuracy and send copy of Just In Time Report to OSRS along with applicable IACUC and IRB approvals
    • Note: OSRS does not receive automated emails from eRACommons when the JIT is uploaded. It is up to the Department Administrator to email his/her Grant Analyst

OSRS Review:

  • A Grant Analyst from OSRS will review the hard copy and verify information
    • Applicable human/animal subjects approval dates
    • Human Subjects Education letter for key people
    • Other Support for key people:
      • OSRS will look at anticipated effort for JIT grant and active grant effort to confirm it is less than or equal to 12CM. Anything over 12CM should have overlap statement; do not need to count K awards
  • If changes are needed, the Grant Analyst will contact the Department Administrator, so that the PI or designee can update and save information on eRACommons
  • The Department Administrator will contact the Grant Analyst the after changes are made
  • When no changes are needed, the Grant Analyst will log in to eRACommons to verify and submit
  • The Grant Analyst will receive email confirmation from eRACommons and forward to the Department Administrator