QA/QI Committee

HRQA Committee Members and Staff

Committee Members

  • Edward Geltman, MD, Chair
  • Jeneane Braden, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Integrity & Ethics
  • Beau Ances, MD
  • Amanda Cashen, MD, WUSTL IRB Executive Chair
  • Abby Cheng, MD
  • Stephanie Fritz, MD, MSCI
  • Mae Gordon, PhD
  • Catherine Lang, PT, PhD
  • Bettina Mittendorfer, PhD
  • Michael Strube, PhD
  • Johnnie Cartwright, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research and Chief of Staff to the Vice Chancellor for Research, ex officio
  • Patty Hastings, JD, ex officio
  • Abby Keeley, MS, CIP, ex officio

HRQA Program Staff