Research Integrity & Authorship

Report an Allegation of Research Misconduct

Any member of the Washington University research community has an obligation to report observed instances of research misconduct. An individual should direct an allegation of research misconduct to:

  • Gregory Grant, PhD, Research Integrity Officer (RIO) at 314-362-3367 or
  • Jeneane Braden, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Integrity & Ethics at 314-747-4152 or
  • Hollie Noia, Manager, Research Compliance & Integrity, at 314-747-1378 or
  • Mark Lowe, Vice Chancellor for Research at 314-747-0515 or

An individual can also direct an allegation to deans, department heads, division chiefs, or as directed by the Washington University Code of Conduct​. Any member of the Washington University community who receives an allegation of research misconduct shall promptly forward it to the RIO. If an individual is concerned about possible research misconduct or is unsure whether an incident qualifies as research misconduct, he or she may contact the RIO or the Office of Research Integrity & Ethics (ORIE) to discuss the suspected misconduct informally and confidentially.

How to Report Anonymously

  • Report anonymously to the University Compliance Office Hotline at 314-362-4998 or
    submit the online reporting form. The phone line does not have caller ID or number recognition.


The university will protect, to the extent possible, the identity of individuals who bring forward allegations of research misconduct. If an individual self-discloses his or her identity/role, the university will no longer be obligated to maintain such confidentiality. In addition, the university will protect individuals from retaliation for their participation in or cooperation with research misconduct proceedings, as described on the Protection from Retaliation​ page.