Education and Training

RMS Training in Learn@Work

Ensure you enroll in the correct course based on your role/requested security access level.

Research Management System (RMS) Training – for Research Administrators who need access to RMS. 

RMS System Overview – for those who need inquiry-only access or those whose RMS security was grandfathered from PDS.

List of Videos

  • RMS General Navigation and Portal Configuration
  • Proposal Development
    • 7 Steps and Setup Questions
    • Budget
      • Part 1: Navigation, Justifications, Versions, and Setup
      • Part 2: Personnel and Cost Sharing
      • Part 3: Non-Personnel
      • Part 4: Subawards, Subprojects, and F&A
      • Part 5: Modular Budgets
    • PD Approval and Routing Status
  • Proposal Tracking and Award Tracking
    • PT/AT Introduction
    • PT/AT Statuses and Workflow Maps
    • PT/AT Creating a Child Record