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Effort Recertification Process in Workday

Published June 22, 2022

Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) will be initiating the third effort recertification process in Workday on June 23, 2022. This recertification process will run on a continual monthly basis. If you are an effort reviewer, please look at your Workday inbox on that day for any effort certifications in your department that will need to be recertified.

As a reminder, the recertification process is standard Workday functionality which enables faculty/staff to recertify their effort percentages that have been updated/modified by Payroll Accounting Adjustments (PAAs) related to a previous effort certification period.

Noted below is an example of the recertification process:

Recertification Process Example 

  • A faculty/staff member certifies effort for the period 7/1/21 – 12/31/21 on 3/1/22.
  • On 3/19/22, a PAA was processed which modified effort on a grant GR ##### for the 11/21 and 12/21 pay periods.
  • The recertification process that will run on 4/11/22 will generate an updated effort report to reflect the PAA that was processed on 3/19/22, and the effort coordinator will be notified via an In-box item.
  • The effort coordinator will review the revised effort report and then release it to the faculty/staff member for recertification.
  • The faculty/staff member should certify the revised effort report within 30 days of receipt.

SPA will run the recertification process on a monthly basis. We expect the next effort reporting cycle for period 1/1/22 – 6/30/22 to start in early August.

Please contact Meredith Fey ( or Carla Reed ( in SPA with any questions.