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ePARS System Retirement

Published July 18, 2022

Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) would like to notify the research community regarding the retirement of the old/legacy ePARS effort reporting system. The ePARS system went read only on March 31, 2022. WashU IT is currently working on converting the previous ten years of effort cards (back to FY2012) into PDFs so they can be stored/retrieved in a repository. This process is expected to be completed in the next four to six weeks. Once the conversion has been completed, the ePARS system will be formally retired (e.g. shut down for good). If the academic units need to review info from an old effort card(s) after the shutdown date, they can contact Meredith Fey ( or Carla Reed ( in SPA and they can retrieve it from the repository. 
Note: SPA will provide two weeks’ notice as to the final shut down date when that becomes available.
Please contact Joe Gindhart ( if you have any questions.