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FFR Owner Data Validation

Published September 10, 2021

The Workday team continues to collaborate with department administrators to prepare for the release of the Faculty Finance Reporting (FFR) dashboard in early Fall 2021. Department administrators should complete a few steps now to ensure PIs can see their correct grants, gifts, projects and non-carryforwards when the dashboard becomes available.

FFR Owner Worktag Correction 
Each funding source (grant, gift, project, or non-carry forward) must be assigned the PI’s name as the FFR Owner worktag. This worktag drives the data that appears on the FFR dashboard for each PI. FFR Owner worktags assigned during the conversion process may be missing or incorrect.
1. Run reports to validate FFR Owner worktags by funding source and check for missing or incorrect FFR Owner worktags.

  • Grants: RPT6128 – Run by your grant hierarchy(ies)
  • Gifts: Find Gifts by Organization – Run by business unit or cost center(s)/cost center hierarchy(ies)
  • Projects: RPT5699 – Run by PX00002; refine with cost center(s)/cost center hierarchy(ies)
  • Non-carryforwards: FIN – Data Validation – Non-Carryforward Related Worktag Validation – Run by cost center(s)/cost center hierarchy(ies)

2. Correct or add missing worktags
Work with your department’s Workday Foundation Data Model (FDM) contact to update the worktags as needed.

  • Grants: Notify SPA via the responsible team’s inbox, or
  • Gifts: Work with your connection in the Gifts/Endowments/Investments office
  • Projects: Contact the business office that established the Project
  • Non-carryforwards: Contact the business office that established the Non-carryforward

All transactions and budget changes completed prior to adding the worktag will not appear on the FFR dashboard. Correct past transactions with an accounting adjustment. Budget changes can be processed with a budget amendment: remove the amounts assigned to the inaccurate set of worktags, then add those amounts back in with the corrected worktags.

FFR Owner Worktag for New Faculty

  • New faculty are not automatically assigned an FFR Owner worktag. Departments must request one for all new faculty who need access to their dashboard. 
  • Once the new worktag is created,
    • Update administrative staff’s security to have access to the new FFR Owner worktag.
    • Add it to the relevant funding sources to populate data for the new PI.
    • Correct past transactions and budget changes if needed.

Workday Support
Consult with your department’s Workday Security or FDM contact or see the Request Support page on the Workday Help website.