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FY21 Overhead Rate Change from 57 to 57.5%

Published July 13, 2020

As a follow up to the Coffee and Connections presentation on Friday 7/10/2020 regarding the overhead change from 57 to 57.5% on SPA funds, here is some additional information/clarification:

  • Both the F&A Re-budget Template and the Preliminary FY21 Overhead Rate Change List can be found on the SPA website, found under Non-Personnel Costs as part of the F&A Rates Policies & Procedures.
    • These documents are located at the bottom of the screen under “Documents”.
  • Please note that the Preliminary FY21 Overhead Rate Change List is “preliminary.” This list will be generated again towards the end of July, and a “Final” list will be posted on the SPA website at that time. This list is in department number order.
  • If you need to complete a Budget Adjustment (BA) to rebudget funds from/to direct costs from/to indirect costs (bu83) due to this rate change, then please send your spreadsheet calculations with the BA document number and fund number to the appropriate SPA mailbox based on the fund number:

Clarification on SPA mailboxes can be found under the Award Management link on the SPA website.