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HRPO Guidance on the Conduct of International Research

Published April 25, 2022

Human Research Protection Office (HRPO) Guidance on the Conduct of International Research

The Human Research Protection Office (HRPO) is pleased to announce the release of guidance for the conduct of international research on human subjects.

The guidance materials were developed by the Committee for International Research with Human Subjects led by Jeanne Velders, HRPO Executive Director, and Cindy Brantmeier, Professor of Applied Linguistics and Global Studies & Faculty Fellow for International Research with Human Subjects. This committee is comprised of faculty that conduct international research and represents both the Danforth and School of Medicine campus. The committee also includes leaders from HRPO, the WashU IRB, legal counsel and representatives from the Vice Chancellor for Research Office. Through the hard work of this committee, resources are now available to outline the responsibilities of researchers that conduct international human subjects research and guide them through the IRB review process. The Committee will remain active to develop or update resource materials as needed.

In addition to the existing International Prep Work Checklists, these resources include an overall guidance document, flow charts, consent template language and information on the oversight of international collaborators.

The new guidance materials can be found on the HRPO website.

For questions about the new guidance materials or the Committee, please contact Jeanne Velders at or Cindy Brantmeier at

For questions about your international research IRB submissions or general questions about the conduct of international human subjects research, please contact our International Research HRPO Partners Erin Higgs at or Mitchell Saulisbury-Robertson at