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Planning for Workday: Important Pre-Launch Dates and Non-WU (NID) Changes

Published March 9, 2021

As we move closer to the July 1st launch of Workday, there are a number of key dates and changes impacting the research community to be mindful of and properly plan around.

The Non-WU Personnel (NIDs) processes in AIS are being retired as part of the Workday Project. Going forward, non-WU individuals will be entered as Contingent Workers within Workday. More information on the transition of active NIDs into Workday and the Contingent Worker processes and types will be distributed in the coming weeks.

Current Non-employed appointees, including those with visiting academic appointments in HRMS (such as Non-Appointees, Security Access Only, Visiting Researcher, Visiting Faculty) are also being converted to Contingent Workers. We highly recommend Departments:

  • review existing appointments in HRMS to determine if any are no longer active. These inactive appointments should be changed to terminated.
  • identify any appointments that may require updating after being migrated to Workday.

Key Dates for Existing and New NIDs

April 25HRMS Freeze BeginsLimited capabilities to add or alter HR data. Plan to have known new hires entered and any data cleanup completed in HRMS prior to this date.
June 1New NID Creation LimitedAIS access to create new NIDs will be discontinued for departments, and limited to select central individuals for critical needs only. Plan accordingly to have known Non-WU individuals added prior to this date.
June 11HRMS Blackout Begins and No New NIDS AllowedHRMS cannot be updated and AIS access for NID information will be limited to read only. Contingency plans for ensuring continuity of services are being developed by research administration and compliance offices and will be distributed to the research community shortly.
July 1Workday LaunchesEmployee and Contingent Worker information can be added or updated in Workday, but will not be reflected in RMS until the integration is live.
July 17
RMS/Workday Integrations Go LiveNew Cost Center Hierarchy structure will be loaded into RMS. All HR and Contingent Worker data will be updated. Normal operations commence.

Additional details and information will be shared as they are confirmed.