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Research Management System (RMS) Fringe Update

Published November 8, 2021

As previously announced, the fringe calculation methodology required by Workday was implemented into RMS on July 19, 2021. At the time of implementation, RMS was not calculating fringes correctly for personnel earning over the fringe cap of $200,000 and propose effort only in academic or summer months. A manual workaround, including the use of a Fringe Calculation Spreadsheet, was required. A permanent fix for this issue has been tested and will be implemented into RMS Production on the morning of November 17, 2021.

The manual workaround and use of the Fringe Calculation Spreadsheet will no longer be necessary after 11/17/2021.

This functionality will introduce new schemes, but not new fringe rates. The old schemes will be moved to the bottom of the drop-down and labeled with “do not use”.

Additionally, there will be a new table in RMS that shows fringe calculation detail. This table will replace the need for a Fringe Calculation Spreadsheet as it can be utilized as source documentation for RMS fringe calculations and can be sent to agencies when additional detail is required. You can open/view the table by clicking “Show Fringe Calculations” in the Personnel Budget Detail Tab. Once opened you will have the option to export it to Excel.

In-Flight Proposals (proposals created prior to November 17, but submitted on or after November 17)

For proposals that have Danforth faculty who make over $200K, propose monthly effort that is different over 12 months, and the manual override has not been made, the RMS User should ensure the new schemes are used:

  • On the Appointments tab for each person, refresh the appointment and save.
  • Go to the Detail tab for each person and save.
  • Verify the fringe amounts changed.

Proposals that do not require any changes:

  • Proposals with School of Medicine personnel only.
  • Proposals that have Danforth faculty who make over $200K, propose monthly effort that is different over 12 months, and the manual override has been made.
  • Note: If you do update the fringe scheme, it should not impact the fringe amounts for School of Medicine personnel, or Danforth faculty with the manual override because the amounts were correct(ed) prior to the fringe scheme update.


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