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Research Monitor’s Access in MyDay

Published June 17, 2021

All Research Monitors must complete “HIPAA Training for Research Monitors.”

  1. The Research Monitor will request a Guest WUSTL Key.
  2. The Department will approve the Guest WUSTL Key. The Research Monitor will receive the WUSTL Key information via email from WashU Information Technology.
  3. The Guest WUSTL Key may take 1-3 days to process after being created.
  4. Research Monitors are required to complete their training before receiving access to clinical systems. This is a one time training requirement and it takes 10-15 minutes to complete the module.

Guest WUSTL Key
For individuals needing to take one-time training via Learn@Work and will not need access to other WashU systems (or won’t use a WUSTL Key for access):

  • A guest is not paid by the University, nor are they a full-time or part-time student
  • Accounts are temporary (1-12 months only) and are automatically inactivated
  • Requested by the guest and requires very little information
  • Requires a department sponsor (current faculty or staff representing the guest) and Department Approver (based on sponsor’s department) to approve the request
  • Training records remain in Learn@Work after guest account is inactivated for reporting purposes
  • Guest access to Learn@Work not available until July 1, 2021

Basic Process for Guest WUSTL Keys

  • ​A Guest will submit a completed WUSTL Key Guest Account Request Form.
    • ​A guest is someone visiting and/or collaborating with the University. A guest is not paid by the University, nor are they a full-time or part-time student.
  • The Sponsor listed on the form will receive an email with a link to approve or deny the request through
    • A sponsor is a current faculty or staff member willing to represent a guest. The sponsor must be able to prove the guest’s identity and their need for a WUSTL Key Guest Account.
  • Departmental Approver will receive an email upon sponsor acceptance of the WUSTL Key Guest Account request. The email will contain a link to the admin portal, known as ConnectAdmin, for approval or denial.
    • A Departmental Approver is a full-time staff member authorized by a WashU school or dep​artment to accept, deny or revoke requests for Guest WUSTL Key Accounts.

For additional information, please see the Research Monitor’s Access in MyDay instruction sheet.

If you have questions regarding requesting Guest WUSTL Keys, please contact ITHelp at (314)-933-3333.