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Researcher ID Requirement – ORCID ID

Published July 23, 2019

On July 10, 2019, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ), and the Centers for Disease Control​ & Prevention (CDC) announced the requirement for ORCID iDs for Individuals Supported by Research Training, Fellowship, Research Education, and Career Development Awards Beginning in Federal FY 2020.

Effective October 2020, at the time of appointment, the xTrain system will check whether appointees have ORCID iDs. Appointments will be not be accepted for agency review unless an ORCID iD is linked to the individual’s eRA Commons Personal Profile. This will be effective for the following funding mechanisms: T03, T15, T32, T34, T35, T37, T42, T90/R90, TL1, TL4, TU2, K12/KL2, R25, R38, RL5, RL9.

Beginning with receipt dates on or after January 25, 2020, the requirement for ORCID identifiers will be enforced at the time of application for individual fellowship and career development awards, including the following: F05, F30, F31, F32, F33, F37, F38, F99/K00, FI2, K01, K02, K05, K07, K08, K18, K22, K23, K24, K25, K26, K38, K43, K76, K99/R00.

Please visit ORCID for more information. To see if you already have an ID, click in the Search box. To register for an ID, click “Register for an ORCID ID.” 
For complete details regarding this requirement, please visit the NIH website​.

If you have any questions, please contact Teri Medley at or 314-747-4444.​​​​​​