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RMS Update and Reminders Week of June 11

Published June 11, 2018

SUBMIT EARLY:  Reduce Stress and Risk

We cannot emphasize strongly enough that investigators and administrators need to prepare, finalize and submit proposals prior to the last day of the deadline. There were approximately 60 proposals that still needed to be submitted on the day of the June 5 deadline, creating major challenges and a heightened level of stress for DAs and OSRS. Thank you to those who finalized your proposals early.

Work toward these target dates, prior to the external deadline, for launching PD Records to OSRS

    • At least 10 days prior, launch PD Records for “Partial Review” This step is important so that OSRS can review the budget in advance of the “Full Review” stage
    • At least 5 days prior, launch PD Records for “Full Review”
    • At least 2 days prior, launch, PD Records for “Final Review”

See the timeline for June & July target dates for launching PD Records to OSRS.

Salary Release Responsibility and Courtesy

Although RMS has the salary release functionality, you still need to proactively communicate with your colleagues.  Prior to adding someone outside of your department, contact the Department Administrator in that area to verify the effort to be devoted to the project.

F&A Discrepancies

Though 90 proposals have been successfully submitted S2S, some users experienced F&A discrepancies (where the bases used to calculate F&A are off) which required workarounds to be able to finalize their documents. Proposals with large F&A discrepancies (greater than $50) often include budget versions, cost sharing, or 9-12 appointments. Until these are resolved by the vendor, avoid budget versions and cost sharing and check 9-12 appointments.

  1. Versioning
  • It is okay to use budget versions during proposal development. When the final budget is selected, delete the other versions prior to routing the record for Partial Review. (Once the vendor has corrected the issue, you should not have to delete versions.)

2. Cost Sharing

  • Remove cost sharing if you notice F&A discrepancies
    • If over salary cap, enter the cap amount as the Base Salary and do not enter an Annual Inflation on the Appointments tab
    • If you want to add an Annual Inflation, click “allow defined sponsor cap to be ignored” on the Detail tab

3. Duplication in 9-12 Appointments

  • We have seen instances of three appointments displaying instead of two for 9-12 appointment scenarios.  Appointments duplicated either the 9 months or the 3 months and the cause has not yet been identified. If you notice F&A discrepancies, verify and remove the additional 3rd appointment, then report this system error to Systems & Procedures so the records for additional occurrences can be reported to the vendor.

For more information, refer to the June 1 Research News and the FAQ/Tracking File.

Once the large F&A discrepancies (>$50) have been resolved, it is okay to submit your proposal via either S2S or non-S2S as appropriate. For S2S proposals, the numbers in the F&A Breakdown table are the totals that map to the final application. For non-S2S proposals, use the numbers from the F&A Breakdown table.

Support / Training / Learning Resources

Use the User Guide.

 Drop-In Help Sessions Continue at the SOM

OSRS continues to schedule drop-in sessions which are posted on the RMS training calendar and communicated by your OSRS GA.

RMS 101 and RMS 102 Schedule (Attend a second time!)

The next sessions of RMS 101 and RMS 102 are scheduled for June 19 on the School of Medicine campus.


Based on your specific question or concern, please contact: