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RMS Update: Go-Live Date Extended to May 7, 2018

Published on April 10, 2018

The go-live date for the Research Management System’s (RMS) Proposal Development (PD) and Proposal Tracking (PT) modules has changed from Monday, April 23rd, to Monday, May 7th. This revised date was approved on Friday, April 6th, by both the PAAMCO Project Sponsors and the Steering Committee.

This additional two weeks will allow the vendor and the PAAMCO Project Team to finalize required implementation tasks and have more time to work in a stabilized production environment before flipping the PDS switch off and the RMS switch on. For Department Administrators, this additional two weeks before RMS goes live will allow for more time to attend training classes and practice proposal entry in the RMS training environment.

How to Prepare for May 7th

  • Training & Learning: Access videos in Learn@Work; complete exercises; register for and attend classes; practice in RMS referring back to the videos, using the system Help Text, following the steps in the User Guide and contacting a designated Super User!
  • Manage Proposals Due in May and June 2018: You must still take into consideration the scenarios described in the plan issued by OSRS on March 20th as you evaluate how you will manage the proposals you need to develop and submit in May and June. OSRS will update the dates in the original announcement and reissue the management plan.
  • New Proposal Record Requirement for NIH SNAP RPPRs: As previously announced, when RMS goes live, PD records will be required for all progress reports, including NIH Streamlined Noncompeting Award Process (SNAP) Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPRs). Details for this process are covered in the RMS 102 class and documentation will be added to the User Guide.
  • Submit Budgets and Proposals Early: Work with your faculty and trainees to prepare and submit their May/June/July proposals early. Relay to them that RMS is new to both department and central grant administrators so the processing time may be increased while everyone gains expertise in the system.

What You Can Expect on May 7th

  • RMS vs. PDS: Beginning the morning of May 7th, you will access RMS to develop your proposals. PDS will be available for inquiry only and will remain available in that state for approximately one year.
  • S2S and Multi-Budget Proposals: RMS provides the functionality to submit more proposals S2S than existed in PDS but in the short-term, multi-budget (e.g. PPG) federal proposals still need to be submitted through ASSIST.
  • Reporting and Data Management: Data entered into the RMS PD/PT modules will not be immediately available for reporting via the data warehouse. Based on go-live priorities, it is anticipated this data will be available in late summer. All proposal data reporting must be performed through COGNOS as RMS data will be captured in the data warehouse and not fed to GBUD for reporting through WebFOCUS.

Please distribute this information to individuals who may not see Research News announcements.

Please contact Becky Evans at or 314.935.3758.​