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Workday Updates and Reminders – May 17 – 21, 2021

Published May 18, 2021


  1. The next Workday-related SPA deadline is 6/11. No changes to SPA fund profiles made after 6/11 will convert over to Workday. Please submit all PAs, mods, allocations and similar requests to SPA as early as possible. Due to the high demand expected, SPA will not be able to guarantee completion for any requests received after 6/4. Chance Grannan has advised SPA to significantly restrict change activity after 6/11.
  2. Allocations created and/or extended in AIS as of 4/30 are now available for PCAs in Workday (wustl7).

S&P will zero out any salary encumbrances remaining in AIS after successful conversion to Workday. Departments do not need to enter “false” sourcing end dates to ensure those salary encumbrances are zeroed out for reporting out of AIS.

Clarifications from May 11 Research News:

  1. Overdrafts of concern are those where GTD Actual exceeds Current Budget. Encumbrances that will not become GTD Actual by 6/30 – notably, the payroll encumbrance related to funds extending beyond 6/30 – do not need to be considered. This advice is intended for SPA funds.
  2. Advice regarding AIS sourcing was vague. Instead, the advice should have indicated: Do not update sourcing for all workers to end 6/30/21. If sourcing for a worker would naturally end on 6/30/21 (regardless of Workday), then the 6/30/21 end date is suitable for that case.
  3. The notice stating BAs cannot be processed after 6/10 was intended for BAs on SPA funds.

Go-Live Prep Activity:
The “prohibited budget objects” we know in AIS will be managed as “Spend Restrictions” in Workday. A Spend Restriction will be added to an award line to permit the use of categories that are often restricted – examples of Spend Restrictions include “SPA – Animals,” “SPA – Postage.”

Often, the spend restriction for Animals and Patient-Related Expense (human subjects) could be applied during data conversion. In other cases, though, that was not possible.

Make a list of your award lines that required ACE forms or compliance approvals (e.g. those with postage, printing, animals, human subjects, etc.). When you access Workday, check those lines to see which “Spend Restrictions” have be​en assigned successfully. For those that are not, reach out to SPA to have them added. You can get a head start on this review if you have access to another Workday tenant. SPA will not be able to make any changes until July 1.

Please contact Chance Grannan ( or Sponsored Projects Accounting with any questions.