Professional Organizations for Research Administration

These organizations offer research administrators opportunities for professional development, conferences, webinars, workshops, and more. National Council of University Research AdministratorsSociety of Research Administrators International

Trainings for Researchers

Compliance Trainings Below are the major compliance trainings required for the research community. Most mandatory trainings are assigned in Learn@Work based on HR data or by the completion of the Compliance Profile. All members of the research community are encouraged to complete the compliance profile at the start of a new position or when job […]

Guidance on Contingent Workers for Non-WashU Researchers and Pre/Post Employment Research Roles

Last Revised: June 11, 2024 OverviewContingent WorkersPre-Employment (Incoming Faculty/Researchers) ProcessPost-Employment (Departing Faculty/Researchers) ProcessFAQsContactsGuest ID Usage and Process Overview Contingent Workers is a broad category covering non-employees in Workday. Workday@WashU has established guidance and procedures on Contingent Workers for the University as a whole. This document is an expansion of that guidance specifically for research purposes. […]

Guest WUSTL Key Guidance

In order for Non-WashU personnel to obtain the necessary training and security access, two options are available and primarily depends on the anticipated needs and role with WashU: Contingent Workers: Non-WashU person with direct involvement in WashU research, under an agreement to use WashU space/equipment for non-WashU purposes, or requiring WUSTL key access to a […]


You must use Chrome when accessing SUBS. Other browsers are not supported. System Access To request access email requesting access to the subs system and copy your manager. Security access is no longer based on department. All department users have access to all sub-agreement information. Training & Resources What’s New with New SUBS? SUBSystem Overview How to […]