Dispute Resolution in Authorship

December 17, 2009 Typically, authors should first attempt to resolve disputes within the group. For instances when you are a subordinate or a student, resolving authorship disputes can be particularly difficult. When possible, discuss the issue with a supervisor, laboratory chief, advisor, or mentor. Try to resolve the issue within the research group. If there is a persistent disagreement regarding […]

Protections from Retaliation for Participation in Research Misconduct Proceedings

December 10, 2010 Washington University expects all members of the research community to report observed instances of research misconduct and will take steps to assure the confidentiality of those reporting. Washington University has no tolerance of retaliation against individuals participating in a research misconduct proceeding. Please refer to the Rights and Responsibilities of individuals involved in a […]

Report an Allegation of Research Misconduct

Any member of the Washington University research community has an obligation to report observed instances of research misconduct. An individual should direct an allegation of research misconduct to: Gregory Storch, MD, Research Integrity Officer (RIO) at 314-286-2887 or storch@wustl.edu Jeneane Braden, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Integrity & Ethics at 314-747-4152 or bradenj@wustl.edu Hollie Noia, Manager, Research […]

Research Integrity Policy

Created 10/18/2000 Revised 11/04/2010 Previous amendments to this policy made on 03/18/2002, 08/10/2007, 10/17/2008 Reviewed by: Faculty Senate Council, 9/7/2010 Approved by: The Executive Committee on Research, 11/4/2010 I.     Introduction II.    Definitions III.   Applicability IV.   Rights and Responsibilities V.    Allegations VI.   Organizational Structure VII.  Confidentiality VIII. Inquiry and Investigation A.  Initial Review of an Allegation B.  […]

Office of Research Integrity & Ethics (ORIE)

Provides programmatic resources for: Individual and Institutional Conflicts of Interest , Human Stem Cell Research, Research Integrity and Authorship Standards , Human Research Quality Assurance and Improvement, Institutional Animal Care and Use. Contact Information: COI@wustl.edu  – Questions regarding submitting financial and travel disclosures and conflicts of interest policies ORIE@wustl.edu  – Questions regarding human stem cell […]

Avoid Authorship Disputes

December 17, 2009 Adhering to the following guidelines will help to prevent situations that may lead to new authorship disputes: Discuss Proactively There should be early discussions of who will be an author and the possible order of authors. Criteria for authorship should be discussed before beginning to prepare a manuscript, and possibly even before starting a project. […]

Author’s Checklist for Preparation of Publications

As of December 17, 2009 Decide which information will be presented The most important decision in the preparation of your work for publication is the choice of information to be presented. Obviously, this will determine the strength of the support for your conclusions, but also will affect who should be considered for authorship. This requires […]

Authorship on Scientific and Scholarly Publications Policy

Created 02/2002 Revised 12/15/2009 Reviewed by: Faculty Senate Council, November 2009, and Faculty Senate, December 2009 Approved by: The Executive Committee on Research, December 2009 Applicability Faculty, Staff, Postdoctoral Scholars and Associates, Fellows, Trainees, and Students affiliated with Washington University Purpose Scholarly integrity and the responsible conduct and reporting of research are essential for maintaining […]